A good marketing plan is essential to establish in a practical way, what actions you must perform continuously, in order to reach your goals.

But tell me, do you have any idea how to structure this planning?

In the article today I will show you what can not be left out of good marketing planning, all to help your company remain competitive in the market.

Did you know that about 50% of small and medium companies in Brazil, do not carry out any marketing plan.

But that is exactly what makes it possible to complete a more strategic view of actions that bring better results to your business.

To help you in building a digital marketing plan, we will adopt four pillars that the company Digital Results work with its customers, and work regardless of the segment and size of the company:

  • Diagnosis
  • Objective
  • Action Plan
  • References and Support


Before you start thinking about any plan, you need to make a diagnosis.

And that is nothing more than examining your company's performance, analyzing the history and relying on data.

For a good comparison, I recommend that you review a minimum of three to six months.

At this point, you can compare yourself with other companies and analyze the latest actions and results achieved by your own business, so that you have practical answers, about what has been positive, and what needs to be improved or changed in the next executions.

When it comes to diagnostics applied to digital marketing, it is essential to evaluate the conversion rates of the sales funnel.

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After the diagnosis stage is completed, and knowing clearly the history and moment of your company, it is time to define your next objectives, that is, the results you expect.

The first point to be analyzed here is: Where do you want to go?

Do you want to attract more Leads? Improve the relationship with your contacts or customers? Close more sales?

By defining objectives based on a previous diagnosis,
your company is at less risk of creating untold challenges, in addition to working safely, growth expectations.

Therefore, based on the problem you identified in the diagnosis stage, it is possible to define the goals for the next quarter, semester or year.

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Action Plan

We now enter the next step which is the Action Plan.

Unlike the objectives, this plan serves to define practical actions that will be carried out in the short, medium and long term.

There are four questions that must be answered for
this action plan to be considered clear and efficient: What will be done? When will it be done? Who will be ultimately responsible? And how much will it cost?

This last question is very important, so that the person in charge of the area has clarity on the investments needed to achieve the expected results and also to ensure that you are well aligned with the financial area of ​​your company.

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References and Support.

We now come to the last pillar of the construction of our plan, the References and Support section.

When we talk about building a good marketing strategy, we must not forget about tools and methodologies that can be useful and facilitate this execution.

If in addition, you have access to the support of a specialized person, be sure to consult them to collect different inputs and opinions regarding your digital marketing planning.

These people usually accumulate good knowledge
about market trends, good practices that become very valuable for improving and evolving their planning.

The fact is that: regardless of the size of your company's segment, never stop investing time to create a good digital marketing strategy and planning.

But be careful, a long planning and full of information is not synonymous with success.

Often a simple and well-done process is much more worthwhile.

I hope you enjoyed this article and apply these learnings to your company. This article was based on a video from Results Digital.

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Until next time, bye.

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